How to quickly and easily remove a strawberry stem!

Colby Jones from Durbin Farms Market shows us how to easily remove a strawberry stem!

Strawberries are easily one of the most popular and delicious fruits you can eat. There’s just one problem with those sweet red morsels, getting rid of that pesky stem! Sure, plucking the greenery off the top of a Strawberry is easy but when you start to cut into a strawberry to get rid of that tough stem you end up losing a lot of the good stuff too! We’ve got a killer tip on how to quickly and easily remove a strawberry stem!

How to remove a strawberry stem

remove a strawberry stem

Here’s what you’ll need to successfully remove a strawberry stem: a plastic straw, a strawberry, and steady hands. That’s it!

  1. The first step is to pluck off the greenery from the top of the strawberry. This allows you to see the stem (the white-ish core) of the strawberry.
  2. Next, hold the strawberry in one hand. Then, take your plastic straw and run it through the bottom of the strawberry all the way out the top. The core of the strawberry will come out with the plastic straw!
  3. That’s it! Now you’ve successfully removed the stem without having to cut away so much of the delicious strawberry meat!

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