How to ‘Build’ the Perfect Pint of Guinness

Pouring a glass or pint of Guinness is a skill.

perfect pourGuinness will be flying off the bar, literally, come March 17.

In fact, WalletHub estimates 13 million pints will be consumed worldwide on St. Patrick’s Day.

But did you know pouring a glass is a skill?

The “perfect pour” should take 119.5 seconds.

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Here is a closer look at the six steps.

The reason: Guinness is exclusively served on nitrogen. That means it is pressurized in the keg with a nitrogen/carbon dioxide mix. They aren’t strictly carbonated like most beers. These taps come out rich and velvety. So, they take a little longer to settle, hence the wait.

And if Guinness isn’t your thing, don’t worry.

There’s another Irish stout you can try!

We’re talking about Murphy’s Irish Stout. You can check it out here.