Hilarious Valentine’s Day gifts for that special someone

Forget the traditional roses, jewelry and frou frou perfume! We found these hilarious Valentine’s Day gifts to shake things up with your significant other. If she wants a ring, we got you covered. If he’s not into floral arrangements, we can help change his mind.

Adult Mood Ring

It may not be a wedding ring, but at least it’s a ring. This could even help you! Find out if your significant other is crabby, indecisive, or happy.

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Let's Avo-Cuddle Candy

Chocolate covered strawberries are the traditional Valentine’s treat. But why not explore a different fruit. This solid white and milk chocolate dessert is shaped like an avocado.

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The Bodyguard Coffee Mug

For the Whitney Houston fan in your life, this mug is for you. Express your love with the famous song line from The Bodyguard. You should sing the song when you present this gift too.

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Olympia Provisions Salami Bouquet

One way to your Valentine’s heart this year is a festive arraignment of salami in the form of a floral bouquet.
Rather you prefer beef or pork, have it your way this Valentines Day. Talk about amoré!

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Never Trust an Atom

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? This gift will be appreciated with love and a little chuckle. Espcially if you have an Adam in your life.

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Love Lotto Lottery Ticket

Get lucky this Valentine’s with two scratch off tickets featuring French kisses with love. Similar to the famous line from the movie Jerry McGuire, “show me the money”. With this gift you can show me the winner courtesy of Love Lotto.

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Dating App Mug

Shoutout to millennials or couples who met your romantic partner on a dating app. This will be a great Valentine’s Day gift. These mugs can be personally designed with you and your boo’s skin tones, hair and names.

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Food Love Stamp

Show some real love with this “I Love You” Toast Stamper. As you make your partner breakfast in the morning, stamp this saying on the toast to make their day. Even though this is used mostly on toast, you can use on any food that is soft enough.

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I Love You From Top to Bottom

Proclaim your love for your love… in the bathroom. This printed toilet paper will spark a smile when you put this out on Valentine’s Day. Plus your cats will LOVE to unravel it.

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If we see any more hilarious Valentine’s Day gifts ideas, we’ll add them to this list.

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