Greek-style cafe and bakery to open in Over-the-Rhine

A new Greek-style cafe and bakery will be opening in Over-the Rhine mid-November.

Fillo Bake Shop will be a bakery during the day and cafe at night.

It is owned by entrepreneur, Evan Papanikolaou, and will be located at 1505 Race Street.

The cafe will serve Greek-inspired food, drinks, and baked goods.

“We’re bringing a piece of Greece to Over-the-Rhine,” said Papanikolaou. “When you walk into Fillo, you’ll feel like you’re in Greece.”

At night the cafe will sell small plates of Greek dishes, cheese plates, cocktails, wine and beer.

During the day, the bake shop will include a full espresso bar as well as pastries.

The restaurant will be open seven days a week.

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