Going off the Peep end: ‘Official’ snack of Easter gets new flavors

Some exciting new flavors of a popular Easter treat were announced Tuesday.

Just Born Quality Confections says Peeps will be expanding for this Easter season.

The sugary marshmallow brand will include flavors like pancakes and syrup, root beer float, cotton candy, orange sherbet dipped in cream flavored fudge, vanilla crème, chocolate caramel swirl, and blueberry raspberry.

Easter Snacks

The company said more than 66 percent of American parents give Peeps to their children for Easter.

“PEEPS® is dedicated to offering our fans a variety of products, looking at the latest trends to inspire new and exciting innovations,” Brand Manager for Peeps Caitlin Servian said. “We know many families include PEEPS® in their Easter traditions, and we want to provide our fans with fun new flavors, varieties and merchandise in addition to our iconic PEEPS® candy.”

Where to Find Them

Certain grocery stores will be carrying certain flavors.

Kroger gets the root beer float, Walmart will carry the blue raspberry, and Target will get the vanilla creme.

Along with the new flavors of Peeps chicks are new Peeps flavored products like creamers and jelly beans.