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Cincinnati candy company takes a bite out of Fiona with French Chew flavor

Fiona fans can frolic all the way to candy store soon to take a bite out of their favorite four-legged phenom.

The Greater Cincinnati Area’s own Doscher’s Candies is creating their own sweet surprise featuring Fiona.


Doescher’s Candies created a Fiona inspired French Chew (Doescher’s Candies)

Doescher’s says they are creating a Fiona flavored French Chew (don’t worry it won’t actually taste like baby hippo.)


If you’re wondering what a French Chew is, you might recognize its iconic wrapping in white with blue swirls and with a happy-looking boy sticking his tongue out.

Fiona’s flavor will be watermelon, the candy company says. We all know how much our girl loves a good watermelon. She devoured her first birthday cake made partially of watermelon, after all.

Doescher’s says a portion of each sale will be donated to the Cincinnati Zoo.

Candy lovers can find the newest sweet treat in their gift shop and online soon, says the retailer.