Find out Ohio’s most popular fast food stop during the pandemic

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people have had to adjust to a new normal. Part of this adjustment has been trading dining out for dining in. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up your favorite foods and enjoy them right from your home.

So, the desire to eat out has given fast food a whole new meaning. Top Data, a company that analyzes consumer data and, in this instance, fast food, looked at each state’s most popular fast food choice during the pandemic.

(Source – Top Data)


After concluding research, Top Data found that Ohioans have gravitated towards Taco Bell as their fast-food spot of choice, with Wendy’s and McDonald’s rounding out the top three here in the Buckeye state.

Sonic was the overwhelming favorite across America, earning the top prize in 14 states with its drive-in style carhop service fitting in perfectly with the situation we find ourselves in. And despite McDonald’s offering free meals to frontline workers, it wasn’t enough to take home second place as Wendy’s and Taco Bell tied for the #2 position.

So what do you think? Do you agree?

And if you want to check out the study in its entirety, click here.

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