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Events for September 27, 2018

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Collecting Calligraphy: Arts of the Islamic World

The Cincinnati Art Museum has been collecting Islamic calligraphy since the 1940s.

11:00 AM - 8:00 PM

2018 Hall of Honor

Save the date.

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Dicks Out For Harambe

super fun event

6:15 PM - 9:30 PM

Uptown Music Series

Every Thursday evening in the heart of Oxford, Ohio musicians and bands play music for members of the community to enjoy.

7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Bang! Pow! Comics & Comics!

Join Tabari McCoy and a half-dozen of the Greater Cincinnati region's most talented stand-up comedians – Chris Weir, Grant Stiles, Mohammed Patel, Butch Wesley, Jay Armstrong and Tyrone Hawkins – as they perform inside the Tri-State's premiere comic book shop.

7:30 PM - 9:00 PM