Dive into Summer at Coney Island’s Cannonball Cove

Cincy asked, and Coney Island delivered.

The beginning of Coney Island’s 2018 season left many visitors wanting due to the fact that new state laws mandated that the diving boards be removed from Sunlite Pool. In 2019 Cannonball Cove, a brand new attraction in Sunlite Water Adventure, opened to satiate all of your high diving, daredevil tendencies! With two 3-foot boards and one 9-foot board visitors can slowly work their way up to those rarefied, belly-flopping heights. And in 2020, due to COVID-19, we all wondered, “When is Coney Island going to open?”. Then, Coney Island’s world-famous Sunlite Pool and Cannonball Cove finally opened on Friday, June 12! So definitely check it out, take the plunge, and let Coney Island do what it does best: turn moments into memories.

Click here for more information and to purchase tickets. I dare you!

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