Did You Know There Are Four Types of Watermelon?


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Nothing says summer quite like crisp, cool watermelon. South Georgia certainly knows its watermelon. Cordele, GA is the watermelon capital of the world!
There are more than 50 watermelon varieties grown worldwide, but those can be divided into four main categories. Do you know them all?

Icebox Watermelon

Named for its size, Icebox Watermelons range from 5 to 15 lbs and are meant to feed a small family. Watermelons of this variety include the Sugar Baby and Tiger Baby.

Picnic Watermelon

Picnic Watermelons are larger than Icebox Watermelons, averaging 15-50 lbs. In 1991, The Guinness Book World of Records awarded Bill Rogerson of North Carolina for his 279 lb Picnic Watermelon. Common varieties of Picnic Watermelons include Allsweet, Black Diamond, Charleston Gray, Crimson Sweet, and Jubilee.

Seedless Watermelon

Seedless Watermelons aren’t really seedless; what they really do contain is small, white, immature seeds that don’t necessarily have to be spit out. These weigh between 10-20 lbs and include the Crimson, Jack of Hearts, King of Hearts, Millionaire, Nova, Queen of Hearts, and Trio.

Yellow-Orange Watermelon

Yellow-orange Watermelon can come in any of the above varieties or sizes – round, oblong, seedless, or seeded. If you’re looking for seeded, varieties include Desert King, Tendergold, Yellow Baby, and Yellow Doll. Seedless varieties include Chiffon and Honeyheart.

Watermelon doesn't have to be eaten plain in hand! Keep an eye out for recipes with creative, tasty ways to enjoy your watermelon.