This Guy Beat Cancer And Opened His Own Cannoli Shop In Covington

And they might be our new favorite dish.

“Life happens.”

That would be an understatement made by Steve Del Gardo, a local chef who had his world turned upside down the day he found a lump on his left pec.

Breast cancer. Chemo. Recovery. According to him, it all happened so fast that it felt like a blur.

Thankfully, Steve beat cancer because he chose to never give up. But comes next? What do you do after overcoming something like that?

In Steve’s case, he started his own foundation called Protect the Pecs to help other men battling breast cancer. As if that wasn’t already the feat of a lifetime, he decided to visualize his lifelong dream, the thing he’d been thinking about forever.

Cannoli. Really good cannoli.

That’s how we got here, inside Del Gardo’s on 5th street in Covington. It’s, as he puts it, a “cannoli catering studio.” That means he spends most of his time making cannoli for restaurants, corporate events etc., only opening to the public on select days.

So when is he actually open? You should probably keep an eye on his Facebook page to find out. We can’t guarantee the hours, but one thing we can guarantee is that it will probably be one of the best things you’ve ever eaten.

Hear his story, see his process and learn the art of the cannoli.

Wanna get some famous Del Gardo’s Cannoli at your next event? Here’s a coupon for 20% off orders of $100 or more courtesy of our friends at Connect Cincinnati.

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