Dance to win $1,000 and free Dippin’ Dots for a year

Dance for dots, Dippin’ Dots that is. The frozen treat company launched the “I Want My Dippin’ Dots” dance challenge. The contest runs from July 1 to July 31, and one grand prize winner will receive a cash prize of $1,000 and free Dippin’ Dots for a year.

Suddenly, I regret not attending those dance lessons my mom signed me up for so many years ago! However, it’s not just any dance moves that will win you the money and free dots. There are a few choreographed moves you have to learn in order to compete. Find those videos here.

Once you know the moves, download the song “I Want My Dippin’ Dots” and hit record. Upload to social media channels the video of you dancing to the Dippin’ Dots tune. On Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, be sure to tag #dippindots and #iwantmydippindots. Fans can also email with a link to their video on social media for consideration.

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Video submissions will be judged on creativity, use of choreography, quality of production and brand integration. In addition to the grand prize, Dippin’ Dots will award a runner-up with free ice cream for a year and three other runners-up with one free Dippin’ Dots shipment.

“Dippin’ Dots is all about being bold and having fun, and that’s exactly what this contest invites our fans to do,” said CEO Scott Fischer in a press release. “What’s more fun than Dippin’ Dots and dancing? Plus, now fans can win Dippin’ Dots for a year and a thousand dollars too, just by doing what they love.”

The dance moves for the contest are created by Los Angeles-area choreographer Guy Groove, along to music from the “I Want My Dippin’ Dots” song, written and produced by Multi-Platinum artist Dawin and artists Tati McQuay, Mariangeli Collado, Jenna Raine and Kenzie Mack.

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