Concert etiquette: Know your ‘Pit-iquette’ for your next show

From our friends at Derby City Weekend

Everyone knows that the best place to be at a concert is on the floor, right in front of the stage.  This area is commonly referred to as “the pit,” and there usually isn’t a better spot to see all the action that happens on stage.  You’ve probably heard of “mosh pits” before, but don’t worry: Unless you’re at a hard rock show, you likely won’t see one of those in your pit.  Pits are usually PACKED, and since you’re going to be around so many other people, here’s some concert etiquette that you can follow in the pit to ensure you and your fellow concert-goers have a good time.

Tip #1 – Move your feet, lost your seat

If you plan on being anywhere in the pit (especially the front,) you need to know that if you leave your spot, you’re not getting it back.  Before you head to the pit, make sure you’ve had your bathroom break, you’ve got an extra drink or two if they’re available (more on that in a moment), and that you’re good to stay in that spot for awhile.  Don’t be that person who is angrily/forcefully trying to make their way back through the crowd in the pit.  Once you’re out, it’s time to find a new spot to enjoy the concert.


Tip #2 – Know the Words

Concerts are always more fun when you can sing along, but please, please, please know the words to the songs if you’re going to be singing along down in the pit! You don’t want to be the one in the pit singing “Hold me closer, Tony Danza.”  Make sure you do your research before you go to a show and at least know the words to a few of the songs that are going to be performed.

: If you know you’re going to a show well ahead of time, you can check out  Here, you can search for the artist/band you’re seeing perform, and find out what songs were on their last set list.  Artists/bands usually stick to roughly the same set list when they go on tours, so you can find out EXACTLY what’s going to be played!


Tip #3 – Stay Hydrated

It gets REALLY hot down in the pit, because there are so many people moving around at once in such close proximity.  Make sure you drink plenty of water both before and after the concert, but more importantly, stay hydrated during the concert as well.  Grab a bottle (or even multiple if you can) to take with you in the pit to sip on throughout the concert.


Tip #4 – Wear Deodorant

I don’t care who you are: You don’t want anybody else’s sweaty, stinky, smelly armpits all up in your face when you’re trying to enjoy your favorite band/artist.  Unless you’re at a Nirvana concert, it does not need to Smell Like Teen Spirit.  Make sure you take care of your own pits, before you head to the pit.


Tip #5 – Keep Your Cool

Let’s face it — As much as we wish everyone was nice, not everyone who is attending a concert in the pit is going to be courteous.  There will be people who don’t heed any of the advice we’ve given above, but that’s no reason to flip your lid and make the situation worse.  When the pushing and shoving starts, just try to keep your cool and remember that you’re all there for the same reason — to have a good time!


Hopefully these concert etiquette tips will make your next “pit” experience that much cooler!