Complete your Halloween costume with a full-face look from Sephora

All it takes is 60 minutes!

Take your Halloween costume to another level this October with Sephora’s Full-Face Makeup 60-minute Halloween look! The Sephora makeup team is ready to give hosts Jobeth Devera and Kanoe Gibson some spooky looks that will make you do a double take!

The team at Sephora believe that beauty is personal, and it’s unique to every client based on their interests, needs, tastes, and styles. At Sephora, you can always find the most on-trend beauty products that can help bring your own personal definition of beauty to life.

The makeup team plans to turn Jobeth into a girly clown and transform Kanoe into a feminine skull. All of the products being used to create these Halloween looks are exclusive to Sephora. Assistant Store Director Nicole Vazquez says showcasing the products this way really helps to give clients an idea of what Sephora has to offer.

You can also visit the Sephora Beauty Studio for one-on-one beauty sessions. These 20-minute Makeup Minis range from Quick Lip to Lash & Dash to Find Your Foundation.

“We have a complimentary service where you can come and find your foundation,” Vazquez says. “We also have a lash and dash service. You can come in, and we can show you how to perfectly size them and apply them so that you feel confident wearing your lashes.”

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