Cincy Weekend + Streetside Brewery + Holtman’s Donuts = Red Velvet Donut Stout!

Cincy Weekend turns three years old, and this collaboration is one very tasty way to mark the occasion!

Robe Red Velvet Stout

It. Is. Delicious.

Cincy Weekend launched in October of 2016, and has been showcasing the best this city has to offer since! That being the case, this red velvet stout is something we need to talk about.

Not only because it’s the result of a collaboration between Cincy Weekend, Streetside Brewery, and Holtman’s Donuts, but because this beer certainly makes the ranks of “…the best this city has to offer…”.

Robe is brewed with actual red velvet cream donuts in the mash, and it’s obvious at first chug. We think it’s a delicious way to say “Thank you!” to everyone in Cincinnati for supporting us.

Watch our featured video above to discover the mystery behind the name, and to see Robe being created from grain to gulp.

Robe Red Velvet Stout

“We brewed it to capture all the cakey goodness that’s in a red velvet donut. We used some interesting English and German malts to get that cake flavor, a little bit of the burnt sugar flavor, and it came out and it was great.” says Garrett Hickey, owner of Streetside Brewery. He continued, “Robe is part of our can release schedule. We always try to bring it back in October for Cincy Weekend’s anniversary. Robe is one of the only beers we produce on a seasonal schedule and for me it signals the end of summer and the beginning of fall.” because, he says, “We always want beer to remind you of a certain time and place. This beer, for me, is one of those beers.”.

Holtman’s Donuts, with its quirky donut creations, is no stranger to experimenting with new flavor profiles. From their apple cider fritter to Lucky Charms marshmallow, they are always tinkering with new recipes, showcased in another Cincy Weekend feature. “Our red velvets are some of our most popular donuts. It’s a perfect marriage of flavors for a new beer,” says Creative Director and Director of Communications, Maggie Rochon.

Robe Red Velvet Stout

Robe is on tap at Streetside Brewery, and available in cans throughout the Cincinnati area. Remember, it’s a seasonal release, so get this red velvet stout before you have to wait until next October!


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