Celebrities are here to help you prank your friends

Do you need to break some news to your family but don’t know how? Katie Couric is here to help.

Did you just win your fantasy football league and want to brag about it? Why not call in All-Pro Wide Receiver Antonio Brown to talk trash for you.

Want to propose to your partner, the biggest Harry Potter fan on Earth? Buddy, you should get Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfoy) to do it.

How is this possible you ask? Well with Cameo, a video shout-out app, you can book celebrities to send your most important (or silliest) messages for you.

Need an example? Well then you should know some genius paid Jim O’Heir to jump into character as Jerry Gergich from Parks & Recreation to prank their friend Ashley (or is it Gerry Gergich?).

Or how about this incredible baby announcement from Shangela of Ru Paul’s Drag Race fame? Great idea, Whitney and David and congratulations on your pregnancy. Really, all baby announcements should be handled by Shangela.

There are thousands of public figures to pick from at varying price points and more are added every day. Just download their app, plug in your request, and within a week you’ll have a personalized video to share with all your friends. You even get to download the clip, so you’ll always remember that time you paid Jamie Lynn Sigler to explain the end of The Sopranos to your dad.

You can check out their Instagram for some ideas and to see what other celebrities are available. We definitely recommend booking Hannibal Burress who seems to be the most self-aware about all of this.