Cards Against Humanity creators to open ‘The Board Game Cafe’ in Chicago

The Cards Against Humanity creators have dedicated their time to another venture, but this time it is in the restaurant business. 

Ben Hantoot, Max Temkin,  David Munk, Daniel Dranove, Eli Halpern, Eliot Weinstein, and David Pinsof came up with the idea of The Board Game Café in Chicago. 

Travelers and game lovers will get to choose from over 300 board games to play, two escape rooms, and a large list of menu items. 

Guests can reserve a table with a deposit of $30 per person, which is applied to food and drink purchases.

Executive Chef Aaron McKay and Chef de Cuisine Evan Behmer created dishes inspired by Spanish, Mexican and Vietnamese street food.

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The menu will also include craft cocktails, beer, and wine. 

Guests must make reservations ahead of time to get a table. The bar is first-come, first-serve.

When guests walk in, board game teachers will help the guests pick the right game for them and teach them how to play.

Guests can choose from games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity, and several indie games from around the world.

“The gaming scene isn’t necessarily known for being the most welcoming or inclusive community, but we really want to turn that on its head,” said the Café’s Director of Games and Retail, Eric Garneau. “We think that games are for everyone, and we’re really excited to teach people their first board game or run their first D&D campaign.”

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The Cards Against Humanity creators partnered with non-profit, The House Theatre of Chicago, to help create two escape rooms to the cafe The Last Defender and Nova to Lodestar

“The House has always been interested in the interaction between the artists and audience, and games allow the audience to play inside the story in a hands-on way,” said the Artistic Director of The House Theatre of Chicago, Nathan Allen. “The company members of The House are some of the most innovative theatrical designers in Chicago, and we saw a lot of potential to use the tools of theatrical design to do the heavy lifting of storytelling in escape rooms.”

Each escape room holds 16 players at a time. Starting Jan. 10 through Jan. 31, they will run 7 days per week. Beginning in Feb., they will run Thursday through Sunday.

Tickets for escape room are $39 to $49, depending on the time. The company is also offering a dinner plus escape room package for $94 per person. 

The Chicago Board Game Café is located on 1965 North Milwaukee Avenue. Reservations are now open for the first available tables Jan. 10.

Guests can make reservations through

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