5 Great Cincinnati Soups

Whether there's a foot of snow on the ground or it's a hot Summer day, we pretty much love soup any day of the year. But instead of going in the cabinet for that can that's been sitting there for 5 months, get out and explore! Here are 5 local soups we promise will feed your soul.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, as true Cincinnatians, many of us would take a good bowl of chili any day. But for the sake of this list, we're sticking to the traditional definition of the culinary classic.

Lisse's Dutch Onion Soup

If decadence is what you’re looking for, you’ve gotta head to Covington for Lisse’s Dutch Onion Soup. In this case, simplicity is truly key: caramelized onion soup topped with melted Gouda cheese and toast. With those three things, how could you possibly go wrong? If you’ve been walking alongside the Ohio river on a chilly night, we can’t think of anything better to help warm you up. Well, that and the giant tomahawk ribeye they’ve got on the menu.

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The Pho Tai at Pho Lang Thang

The beef broth, the rice noodles, the herbs. Yeah, it’s all amazing and warm at Pho Lang Thang, the perfect spot at Findlay Market to hit up when the thermometer drops below 30 degrees (well, anytime is great really). We love the Pho Tai (beef broth with rare steak) for a snowy day when fantastic Vietnamese comfort food feels like it can cure all of your woes. It’s toasty, a little spicy and fantastically warming. We promise that when you walk in, you’ll leave that cold air behind.

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Silver Ladle's Cuban Black Bean Soup

There are a lot of great soups in the Central Business District, always available for people willing to make the brisk trek during a midweek lunch break. For us, the Cuban Black Bean soup from Silver Ladle really stands out. It’s healthy, hearty and something a little different if you’re looking to branch out from the typical chicken-noodle or tomato offerings. Garnished with the perfect amount of sour cream and onions, you’ve gotta try this award winning dish.

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The Lobster Bisque from La Soupe

You’re getting an excellent dose of New England when you order the Lobster Bisque from La Soupe. When it’s on the menu, it’s the perfect amount of lobster meat resting in a broth that’s incredibly rich. Garnished with a little green onion and a perfectly placed lobster claw, we can’t get enough of this.

On top of all that, La Soupe is a great non-profit with a mission of making sure food isn’t wasted. They regularly use their talents to help feed the hungry here in Cincinnati. So next time you stop by for a bowl, you’re helping a great cause.

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Frisch's Vegetable Soup

If we’re getting mathematical (please, don’t fact check us here)  there’s a chance that your love of one soup or another is at least 50% nostalgic. That’s why Frisch’s vegetable soup made the list. As Cincinnatians, how many of us have memories of sitting down at a booth, windows fogged up and family or friends right beside you sipping on a bowl. It’s cozy, it’s memorable and we can’t deny it.

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Of course these are just some of the many great soups in the Tri-State. What's your favorite? Email us at info@cincyweekend.com