Our Picks: 5 Holiday Cocktail Recipes From Cincy Bars

The holiday season is a great time to gather with family, friends, loved ones, whomever... and just enjoy their company with annual traditions. Having said that, a good cocktail recipe isn't a bad thing to keep in your back pocket for those times.

Here are 5 of our favorite holiday cocktail recipes we've learned from bartenders right here in Cincinnati. We're sure it'll bring some necessary cheer.

"The Figgy Manhattan" - Japp's Since 1879

Molly Wellmann’s take on the classic Manhattan is perfectly jazzed up for the holidays with figs and flaming oranges. Great for bourbon fans looking to show off your mixology skills.

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The Jack Skellington

"The Jack Skellington" - Northside Yacht Club

We’re on the side of history that says pumpkin based cocktails are good any time of the year, especially around when they’re named after The Nightmare Before Christmas. Drink your pumpkin pie this year with Northside Yacht Club’s “Jack Skellington” recipe, complete with pumpkin pie filling, spiced rum and cinnamon. Thanks Stu!

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Shosanna's Revenge

"Shosanna's Revenge" - The Video Archive

Perfect for toasts, “Shosanna’s Revenge” from Walnut Hills’ Video Archive is a bright, celebration cocktail that packs a punch. On top of that, owner Jacob Trevino named it after a Quentin Tarantino film, which is all the explanation we need to provide.

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The Sweet Portado

"The Sweet Portado" - Carabello Coffee's Analog Slow Bar

Not all cocktails need alcohol, and not all bars need alcoholic cocktails. Case in point: the Analog Slow Bar at Carabello Coffee in Newport. Justin Carabello made us the “Sweet Portado,” an espresso drink that puts everything you love about sweet potato casserole into a perfect pick me up complete with roasted marshmallows. If you’re looking to spice it up, we certainly couldn’t deny the addition of some Baileys.

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Irish Coffee

"Molly Wellmann's Irish Coffee" - Japp's Since 1879

To cap this list off, we’re heading back to Japp’s for Molly Wellmann’s Irish Coffee recipe. On the deepest of cold Winter nights, this super simple cocktail is sure to help you warm up. Pro tip: make sure your whipped cream is top notch.

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