5 Great Turkey Sandwiches In The Tri-State

Thanksgiving on your mind? Try these spots.

Thanksgiving isn’t the only day of the year to celebrate turkey. Few things are as simple and satisfying as a good, well made turkey sandwich smothered with mayo and all your favorite veggies. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of great deli’s in the Tri-State where you can find them. So ditch that brown bag in the work fridge and check out these 6 great takes on the classic sandwich.

“The Seasonal” from Carl’s Deli


The Scene: Nestled in Hyde Park, the folks at Carl’s Deli are doing the classics right. It’s the perfect place to grab a table out front, have a good read and enjoy a solid sandwich.

The Sandwich: The Seasonal is everything you want out of a Thanksgiving meal stuffed between 2 pieces of bread. Rotisserie turkey with cranberry, herb cream cheese and mixed greens on saled Rye bread. You can’t go wrong here.

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(La Mandi Deli is closed, unfortunately. So, The Express sandwich is no more.)

Izzy’s “Hot Brown”


The Scene: Did you really think we were gonna leave Izzy’s off the list? Stop by either downtown location for lunch during the week and you’ll see a packed house of patrons enjoying the Queen City institution.

The Sandwich: Yes, the Reuben is amazing. We can’t argue. But next time you go, try their take on the Kentucky Hot Brown. Oven roasted turkey breast served hot with salami, tomato, melted Swiss, Hollandaise sauce and chives on an English muffin. Your turkey fix with a Kentucky spin on it. Thank you, Izzy’s. Thank you.

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“The Turkey Double Decker” at J&W Sandwich Shoppe


The Scene: Great sandwiches are being shipped out of this Norwood mainstay every day. It’s the perfect spot for a quick, cheap lunch Monday through Friday.

The Sandwich: If you’re looking for great food on a budget, look no further. Try a turkey double decker with your choice of a second meat. Or just double up on turkey! (Because, why not. Right?) In true Cincinnati fashion, you’ll qu estion whether or not you can even take a bite out of this monster. Get it with a bag of chips and can of pop and you’re out the door for $7 or less.

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Fred and Gari’s “Turkey Club”


The Scene: This is another great spot in the Central Business district. At the base of the Macy’s building you’ll be greeted by a classic neon sign, walking in to find a friendly staff and the smells of all your favorite deli meats.

The Sandwich: They call it “The Gourmet Touch” and it definitely shows. Fresh turkey breast served up with bacon, veggies and mayo on wheat. Take one bite and you’ll be reminded of home.

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The Gruff “Turkey Sandwich”


The Scene: On the south side of the Ohio River you’ll find pizza, burgers, beer and deli favorites at this Covington hot spot. Open late, this a great stop for that after work craving.

The Sandwich: Although they serve up great pies and burgers, don’t sleep on their turkey sandwich. No mayo and no cream cheese here. You’re getting Havarti with tomato, fresh basil and creamy Balsamic vinaigrette on wheat. Get them with the pickle fries! We promise you won’t regret it.

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These are just 6 of the countless great sandwiches here in the Queen City. Got a favorite spot? Email us at info@cincyweekend.com