5 Fun at Home Activities for Kids

Keep the whole family entertained with activities that will encourage creativity and the imagination.

So, the kids are out of school for a little down time. Obviously the default is going to be streaming movies or have their faces glued to a screen, but sooner or later they are bound to get restless. Here’s a list of fun activities for kids you might consider to keep them occupied.


Get baking

Bake some cakes or biscuits. Have them help you in the kitchen! Who doesn’t need a great helper?


Make finger puppets and help them create their own puppet show. Make a theater out of a box and get creative.

Bed sheet tents & pillow forts

These are good for hours of creative fun. They also make a perfect place for reading, especially before naps or bed time.

Write & perform a play

Recycle last years Halloween costumes and put on a play. Have the kids write the story and act it out. You can play the role of camera man and record the performance on your phone. Pick an area in your house and build a makeshift stage.


There are tons of sites online with how to videos for beginners. This site is a great place to start.

Amazon boxes

We all have a ton of them. These can be really fun activities for kids. Build something out of them. Think of all the forts or costumes you could make with them. This one can really get their creative juices flowing.

Home movie theater

Go all out and decorate the living room like a movie theater. Pop popcorn, make movie posters of the movie you will watch and make some tickets for souvenirs.

Backyard Olympics

Have each child come up with their own backyard competitions. Have the kids make their own medals. They can choose their own music for opening and closing ceremonies.

Board game tournament

Each kids picks a board game for everyone to play. Make your own prizes for the winners. If you don’t have any board games, kids create their own.

Planet presentation

Have each child pick their favorite planet. Look up facts about each planet then decorate spare balls (tennis, softballs, etc) to match the planets. Each child can do a presentation on it with everyone acting as an audience.

Plant a garden

It’s time to get those garden beds in order. If you live in an apartment, you always have room for hanging plants.


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