2019 Hottest Toys for Children Under 12

Looking for the hottest toys this year for the kids? Well, we have you covered here with the newest and latest toys that children under 12 will love for Christmas.

Toys for Boys

Lion King Plush Ride

Along with the new Lion King Movie that came out this year, they have a new toy to go with it. The Disney Lion King Ride-On Toy is definitely a toy to pounce on while riding in the sunset.

Toy Details

Turbo Bot

This is a really RAD Robot Speed Machine! The robot has a fast talking mouth with lot of personality, tricks, and speed. It includes a “Turbo Boost” option that will definitely give you a workout trying to chase it.

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NASCAR Adventure Force Crash Racers

Vroom, Vroom! That is the sound you will hear when you are zooming past the competition of toys with this NASCAR Adventure Crash Racer track and car set. You can not only race with this set but also crash it, build it, and go at super high speed.

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Robo Alive Dragon Ice and Fire

Feel the burn and hear it roar with this Fire Breathing Dragon! This Robo Alive toy has a deadly bite with advanced robotics movements and sound effects. These LED effects of fire is what really brings this toy to life.

Toy Details

PJ Masks Super Moon Mega Rover

The newest vehicle on the block for the PJ Masks super hero gang. The Super Moon Mega Rover toy will help catch the nighttime villains. It has lights, sirens, and a drop down hatch to keep the villains from capturing the crew.

Toy Details

Toys for Girls 

What's in my Purse- Doll Purse

Show off the What’s in My Purse Surprise Doll’s style and personality. Each doll purse is unique and full of surprises. They have clothing and accessories that are detachable so you can switch up the style and have the What’s in My Purse Surprise Doll be the most fashionable doll on the toy block.

Toy Details

Baby Shark Puppet

Your favorite Baby Shark doo-doo-doo is available in singing puppet form. As you move the mouth of the baby shark puppet it will sing the entire song. In addition, the faster or slower you move the mouth will determine the rate of the speed of the song. Get you a global sensation Baby Shark puppet.

Toy Details

Build-A-Bear Workshop Stuffing Station

The Build-A-Bear Workshop Stuffing Station is your own furry friend workspace to stuff any bear you’d like. The stuffing station has the tools to stuff and fluff your own bear and bring them to life. It also has clothes so you can keep them looking fresh. 

Toy Details

Owleez Interactive Pet

Owleez is an interactive toy pet that can learn to fly indoors or outdoors by practicing together with you. Watch how over time she will learn how to fly out of her nest. The loving support of your touch and care after a crash of flight will help Owleez succeed. You can also feed, tickle, pet, and charge this toy.

Toy Details

Go Glam Nail Stamper Kit

Who says you have to go to the nail salon to get you nails done? You can create salon quality nails with the Go Glam Nail Stamper Kit from the Cool Maker. There are different stamp patterns and polishes that can fit any hand or finger size. Completely safe for a fun nail party with friends.

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