20 years of Holiday Lights on Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum

Pyramid Hill is looking forward to a bigger and better Holiday Lights on the Hill in 2019. In addition to a newly designed over-arching lighting plan, Brave Berlin will create a unique and innovative projection-mapped sculptural installation, improving upon their work created in 2018.  The Pyramid Hill team is excited to collaborate with Brave Berlin this season as an integral transitional step to launch Journey BOREALIS in November 2020.

“Featuring the 20th anniversary of the Holiday Lights on the Hill as the steppingstone to Journey BOREALIS is incredibly important for everyone at Pyramid Hill.” Explains Pyramid Hill Executive Director Sean FitzGibbons, “We always strive for innovation within our programming. Working with Brave Berlin and growing this year’s holiday lights experience provides us with a solid foundation to implement Journey BOREALIS as a top-tier art and holiday destination.”

The open call for Borealis will open starting in the spring of 2020.  Light and media artists are invited to submit proposals to create new and artful installations that bring fresh life to the idea of the holiday lights show.  Interested parties can find more information about the project at by clicking here.

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