10 Reasons for a Bubble Bath (if You Need Reasons)

It's okay to admit you like bubble baths.

No matter how old you are. No matter what people might think. Yes, you deserve a bubble bath. While bath bombs exploded on the scene in recent years, bubble baths have been around since the 1930s and are due for a comeback. We think everyone should enjoy the relaxation and simple fun, especially on January 8 which is National Bubble Bath Day. Here are a few reasons and excuses to enjoy your next bubble bath if you need them.

1. Get babies and toddlers used to bathing with bubbles. They play with all the bubbles and it makes bath time a lot easier to start.

2. Check the labels and look for ‘Tear Free’ options for children.

bubble bath reasons

3. Wearing a bubble hat should be considered haute couture fashion.

3. For a bath that helps your skin, see if they contain natural, hydrating oils and vitamins to help moisturize. There are many natural bubble bath mixes out there.

4. Avoid liquids that contain sulfates, parabens or silicones.

5. The bubbles insulate the bathtub so the water stays warmer for longer!

6. Helps prevents the dreaded soap scum bathtub ring.

7. Bubble bath products come in a variety of scents including: lavender, coconut, almond, and even Prosecco!

8. Back in the early days, they were known as foam baths.

9. A bubble bath is so relaxing.

10. Really go all out by adding flowers, rose petals on top of the foam or bring your favorite drink tub side or indulge in a decadent snack while you relax. Light a few candles too.

bubble bath reasons

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