10 facts about Halloween

Spooky season is here! When you think about Halloween you may picture costumes, candy, and pumpkins but do you know the history of the spooky Holiday? Here are 10 facts about Halloween!

10 Facts About Halloween

1.The first Jack O’Lanterns were made from turnips.


2. Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas.


3. The word “witch” comes from the Old English wicce, meaning “wise woman.”


4. The first known mention of trick-or-treating in print in North America occurred in 1927 in Blackie, Alberta, Canada. 


5. Halloween is thought to have originated around 4000 B.C


6. Ireland is believed to be the birthplace of Halloween. 


7. The longest haunted house in the world is “Factory of Terror” in Canton, Ohio.


8. The blockbuster movie Halloween was filmed in just 21 days .


9. The average bag of candy that one child will collect on Halloween contains around 11,000 calories. 


10. Pumpkins are classified as a fruit, not as a vegetable. New Hampshire declared that its state fruit is the pumpkin in 2006. 

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